ST PRO Classic and Deluxe

The ST Pro is a dual cutaway instrument with a plate-less bolt-on neck joint. The neck bolts are recessed in their placement resulting in better comfort to the upper register. The end of the 22 fret neck allows placement of the neck pickup to be in the “24th” fret harmonic “sweet-spot”. It comes standard with passive volume, tone and a 5 way switch control. Deluxe models add an exotic figured top.

TC PRO Classic and Deluxe

The single cutaway, flat top design of the TC Pro with it’s traditional pickup placement delivers that "chicken pickin' tone,twang and spank” factor traditional “T” lovers crave. Optional pickup combinations allow you to express yourself in an endless cornucopia of tones. Deluxe models add an exotic figured top.


The SC Carved Top’s design has a 2 humbucker design that will give you a “wall of tone” producing the deepest power chords and wailing solos that will pierce you to the core. Its’ deep top carving conveys a profound love for wood and unlike any other guitar, the 22 fret neck will help you convey your love for music.


What’s better than one cutaway? Two!  The DC Carved Top‘s curves can take you down memory lane, back to the present and beyond tomorrow.  The DC comes with a stop tail piece or tremolo bridge, a 3-way switch/2 humbuckers or 5-way switch/3 pickup design that will give you the sounds of a ST, TC and SC in one guitar.  Simply amazing!


The Kinnéret was born out of the desire to produce an acoustic sound out of a solid body guitar. It’s solid body design eliminates any feedback and is not susceptible to fragile weather or travel conditions as most acoustic instruments can be. Both Kinnéret models have necks and string spacing complementary to their acoustic inspirations making the transition from acoustic or electric backgrounds effortless.  The Kinnéret SSG (steel string guitar) and the Kinnéret NSG (nylon stringed guitar) possess a harp influenced bridge design that houses a custom active “piezo” transducer which produces a sound so realistically acoustic that it will simply take your breath away! (Available ONLY as a custom order).


Our acoustic guitars are unlike any other.  With a passion for pure acoustic tone, we passionately build each and every acoustic guitar by hand. At the heart of every Pavel acoustic guitar you will find a perfect balance of "old world" and innovative design. Every chord, note and nuance is projected like a bell. The guitar’s purfling and binding are made of complementary and contrasting woods and shell materials. 
Available in Dreadnought, Jumbo, OM and Parlor body shapes, these guitars are individually handmade only through special order through our Custom Shop.