The Singlecut! This bass came to be through a desire to make an instrument that was a “non-dual cutaway”. 
The upper horn section follows through and connects to the neck at the 12th fret allowing it to remain straight to the end of the fingerboard and it allows more tone transmission to the body. It’s sustain is unparalleled and it’s attack and presence is undeniable. 
The Aryel is the “Roaring Lion” of basses.

Available in Deluxe and Signature Series.

JAZZ PRO Classic and Deluxe

If Jazz you must, then Jazz with class! The Jazz Pro is a result of years of work with seasoned touring and studio pros and your everyday “weekend warriors”. Great effort has been made to capture the “essence” of the Jazz tone in a modern design, without “copying” the bass and simply putting the Pavel name on it. Everything is done “in-house” with nothing but the best for the discriminating musician.

All Pro model basses come with features like, 22 frets plus a zero fret, 34” scale ( 35” optional) Rock Maple or Rosewood fingerboards come standard while figured Bird’s Eye or Flame Maple necks with select fingerboards are available from the custom shop. The body possesses a smaller upper horn area for better higher fret access (no pickguard on Deluxe models). 
These all come with a choice of the same select/seasoned tone woods for the body as with the Signature Series line. These features help make this bass your 1st choice for any situation.


The same concept behind the Jazz Pro will be applied to the Precision Pro. Bringing forth the best that this instrument design can offer, the “P” bass influenced Precision Pro can deliver the vintage fatness and punch that only a “P” based instrument can. 
With modern hardware, “state of the art” pickups and electronics combined with our construction methods, this bass will help you create the best bass lines for years to come.


Gibor description

Gibor Singlecut


Jazz Pro Singlecut Classic


Jazz Pro Singlecut Deluxe



With a body design that's wider and a bit more symmetric, the Hadara has curves that convey a sense of royalty and beauty. As a result of the slightly bigger body, the Hadara expresses an immense amount of tone that is felt against your body and through it’s signal.

Impossible to hide! Available in Deluxe and Signature Series. 

MUSIC PRO (under development)

This bass is a “slapper’s delight”! Pushing the envelope of an MM based instrument, this bass embodies tones that range from thundering lows to slicing highs. Sharing the same wood, hardware and construction options as our acclaimed Jazz Pro series basses, this bass will allow you to lay a foundation that will withstand the test of tone and time.


Influenced by my admiration for the work of friends at Alembic and at the request many great players, I came up with this design which has a slight offset alignment on the upper horn for better balance and a 32” scale 24 fret neck. This makes this bass a delight to play. This model is available in Deluxe Series, Signature Series.


One of my main influences in bass contours in my “early days” came from the designs of Master Luthier Michael Tobias, and the curves of the Macabee proudly reflect that. The Macabee has graceful offset curves that make it a well balanced and elegant instrument.