JAZZ Pro 5 Dlx "Demo" SOLD!!!

This is a top of the line Jazz Pro Deluxe and it plays like a dream. If interested in one like this one, inbox me. This one has JUST BEEN SOLD! :)

Jazz Pro 5 Dlx SC for Danny Rocha

PAVEL Jazz Pro 5 Deluxe SC Top: 5A Spalted Wild Flame Maple top Body: Aged Swamp Ash Neck: Rock Maple Fretboard: Bird's Eye Maple Frets: 22 + 0 Inlays: Abalone blocks Pickups: Nordstrand Fatstacks Preamp: Nordstrand 18V-3 band Hardware: Hipshot black Finish: High gloss Price: Please, email me

PAVEL Gibor 6 Deluxe

This "Chocolate Honey" is brand new! It was comissioned and when finished, the customer opted for a 5 string instead. No worries, we managed to make him very happy! The bass is 100% with a current "New Bass Order" price of $4,400.00. It can be yours for $3,700.00 and yes, it comes with a lifetime warranty!!! Send me an email or call me (817-999-5928) Esta belleza esta a la disposicion 100% nueva con un precio de descuento y con su garantia de por vida. Pedida como orden especial sale en $4,400.00 USD y ahora puede ser tuya por $3,700.00 USD incluyendo su full garantia!!! Envienme un correo o llamenme (817-999-5928)

PAVEL Gibor 5 Dlx SIngle Cut Bolt On

Top: 5A Spalted Quilted Maple top Body: Mahogany with Accent Veneer Neck: Bolt-On 3 piece Quarter Sawn Rock Maple Fretboard: Ebony Scale: 34" Frets: 24 Pickups: Pavel HB Custom Preamp: 18V/3 Band Aguilar Hardware: Hipshot Black Price: Inbox or call me, please (817-999-5928)

PAVEl Aryel 5 Dlx Custom MADE For Ridwan W.

This beauty is destined for the hands of Rid W. in Indonesia.

PAVEL Gibor 5 Custom DLX Fretless! Simply breathless!

this is a custom shop Gibor fretless made for Idan Dayan. I've made many fretless basses but I must say that this one takes the whole cake!

Thump Music PAVEL Jazz Pro 5 Classic SC

This sweet little morsel is about to hit the showroom of Thump Music in "Oz Land" (Australia for us, fellow Americans). If you happen to be blessed to live there, please ring Jonathan Carruthers (Or your local Hi-End bass store) for more info and he'll facilitate this beauty for you!

Omar Hanlons Jazz Pro 5 Dlx

Here's a stunning Jazz Pro Deluxe Single cut made for Omar Hanlon from the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia.

Dave Linares Pavel Jazz Pro MP5

Swamp Ash body, Maple neck with Flame Maple fretboard w/Abalone dots, 22+0 frets, 18V Pavel/East J Retro deluxe preamp, Black Hipshot hardware (Vintage Bridge, 3/8 Clover Ultralights Tuners), Schaller straplocks, DiMarzio Ultra Jazz Hum-cancelling p-ups.

Dane Alderson's Aryel 5 String

Hailing from Perth Western Australia, Dane is one the world's premier up and coming bassists. He has been playing his Aryel for almost a year now, and it sounds amazing! {Click to read more}

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